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Approved taxi or ambulance taxi: Reimbursement of medical transport costs by the CPAM

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Approved taxi

Can we choose the mode of transport as part of CPAM support?

NO, you cannot choose the means of transport you wish to use within the framework of the payment of transport costs by the CPAM.

It is the doctor who estimates, according to your situation, the most suitable mode of transport for your state of health and your level of autonomy.

For this, several means of transport are possible :

By ambulance : in this case, your state of health must require a specific position (lying down, semi-lying down, etc.) or monitoring by a professional. Find all the professionals on  http://annoncesante.ameli.fr/ .

In professionalized seated transport  : in this case, it is a light medical vehicle (VSL) or a contracted taxi. Your state of health must require travel assistance (crutches, etc.) or the accompaniment of a third party. If the doctor has prescribed this mode of transport, you can choose between the VSL or the contracted taxi (they must bear a blue logo on the right rear window to be a CPAM taxi approved).

By public transport or private transport : This means of transport will be chosen if the doctor determines that your state of health does not require any special monitoring and that you do not suffer from a loss of autonomy. If you have the permit , you will be able to use your vehicle in this case.

The doctor determines the most suitable means of transport for your condition and the least expensive. If you decide to opt for a non-contracted taxi , no support will be provided by the CPAM. 100% of the costs will be your responsibility.

To find out about CPAM-approved taxis, contact the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie directly ( full contact details ) or by telephone on 36 46 (price of a local call). To obtain a more personalized response, send an email from your ameli account.

Reimbursement rate for medical transport with the CPAM

What is the CPAM reimbursement rate for medical transport?

In general, the coverage rate is 65% of the costs incurred within the limits of the Social Security tariffs.

Depending on the mode of medical transport assigned to you, the methods for calculating the reimbursement amount differ:

Transportation with a personal vehicle : mileage reimbursement

Reimbursement of expenses during public transport

Public transport costs are reimbursed on the basis of the price of a ticket according to the mode of transport used (metro, bus, coach ticket, etc.). The lowest price serves as a reference (2nd class for the train, the cheapest for the plane, etc.).

Reimbursement will be made up to 65% of the price of the least expensive ticket.

Reimbursement of approved taxi, VSL or ambulance

Regardless of the medical transport you use (conventional taxi, light medical vehicle or ambulance), the costs are reimbursed at 65% on the basis of the conventional rates applied by the CPAM.

If you use a non-conventioned mode of transport, the costs incurred by the trip will not be covered. For example, make sure that the taxi is approved for medical transport (CPAM approved taxi).

100% reimbursement of transport by the CPAM

Please note that in some cases travel costs are covered up to 100% whether by contracted taxi, VSL transport, ambulance or when traveling by public transport or with your personal vehicle.

Transport related to the hospitalization of a newborn child less than one month old

Emergency transport in the event of hospitalization

Improved transport costs: how to apply

When requesting reimbursement of medical travel from the CPAM, you must differentiate between requests that only require a medical prescription from your doctor and those for which prior agreement from the CPAM must be provided.

Transport voucher on simple medical prescription

Some medical transport is covered by simple prescription from the doctor. He determines with you the nearest healthcare facility, the mode of transport best suited to your condition and the least expensive. However, if you opt for a less expensive means of transport, it will be taken care of.

Transport vouchers with prior agreement from the CPAM

Some modes of transport require a medical prescription and agreement from the CPAM. It is the medical adviser who determines whether you can benefit from the reimbursement of transport costs.

The doctor must complete the “ Request for prior agreement / Medical prescription for transport ” form. You must then send sections 1 and 2 to the medical service of your Caisse d’Assurance Maladie . They must be sent to the Social Security Council doctor on whom you depend.

If you do not receive an answer within 15 days , your request for reimbursement of medical travel expenses is considered accepted. In case of refusal, you will receive a letter telling you how to appeal the decision.

In order to deepen your research, we advise you to read the article devoted to reimbursements for alternative medicine by following this link .

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